Can I Reverse CKD?

Chronic kidney disease, also referred to as renal disease, is a chronic condition marked by the loss of kidney function. There are varying stages of kidney disease, all of which come with their own set of symptoms and treatments as the disease progresses. Left untreated, chronic kidney disease can progress quite quickly, causing discomfort and serious medical problems for the patient. The last stage of chronic kidney disease, called end stage renal disease, requires either dialysis or transplant.

The Bad News

Renal disease is a chronic disease. This means that the disease will never go away, and will always need to be treated and/or maintained. Any loss of kidney function unfortunately cannot be restored or reversed.

The Very Good News

There is good news, however. Although chronic kidney disease cannot be reversed, the progression of the disease can be slowed or even stopped. So while you may not be able to restore the damage that has already been caused, you can stop any further damage from happening. This means that you can potentially avoid end stage renal disease, therefore escaping the need to have dialysis or transplant.

How does it work?

Everything comes down to your diet. Diet has perhaps the biggest impact on your chronic kidney disease than any other factor or treatment. This is because every single thing you eat or drink eventually gets processed by your kidneys. All of the byproducts, fluid, and waste all go through your kidneys eventually.

Controlling your diet, therefore, works because you are making it much easier on your kidneys to function at whatever level they have left. You are not only not adding extra stress onto already failing organs, but you are instead doing whatever you can to make their job easier.

Of course, along with careful management of a kidney safe diet, you should follow all of the other recommendations and orders that your doctor hands you. The better you follow a strict diet and treatment plan, the better able you will be to stop the progression of your chronic kidney disease. Since function can not be regained after it is lost, there is no better time than to get started right away.

Factors To Consider: There are some main factors to consider, especially when it comes to omitting items from your diet. Sodium, for example, is a huge factor and should be omitted as much as possible. Potassium and phosphorus are some other things that should be monitored or omitted, depending on your stage of disease.

Tools To Help: Arming yourself with as much information as possible, staying active, and employing the use of an effective meal plan can be extremely useful tools. Meal planning especially will help with keeping on track with your all-important diet.

Chronic kidney disease may not be able to be reversed, but there is still something that you can do to help yourself. You can stop the progressive damage to your kidneys, potentially helping yourself avoid ever reaching end stage renal disease. This is very good news, as you can preserve your life, health, and comfort for a long time to come. For a meal plan, click here.