5 Early Signs And Symptoms Of Breast Cancer You Should Not Ignore

Hope you know that women’s bodies are always changing. But sometimes changes that seem normal can be signs and symptoms of cancer. However, there are earlier signs that may indicate that something went wrong.

Breast cancer is one of the most common forms of cancer worldwide. In 2016, this life-threatening condition accounted for 30 percent of newly diagnosed cancers. On an average, it affects one in eight American women globally.

There are many things you can do to maintain better breast health. Do not wear too tight clothes, just wear the right size bra. If you are a 35+ aged woman, a yearly mammogram is essential to make sure you are healthy. But periodically, every girl should closely observe her breasts and look out for any signs and symptoms of breast cancer.

Breast Cancer Signs and Symptoms

5 Early Signs And Symptoms Of Breast Cancer

There are many other signs of breast cancer that women tend to ignore. But check your breasts regularly for swelling, lumps, nipple discharge, and hard knots.

1. Change in the Size of Your Breast

Breast Cancer Signs and Symptoms

You should be very careful if you experience a sudden change in the appearance of your breasts. One breast could appear enlarged or another breast shrunken. In most women, one breast is a little bit larger than the other. It is a normal condition and doesn’t be afraid!

Also, you may notice a dimple formation on your breast. Any changes you see in your breasts should be taken seriously.

If you have experienced a sudden increase in the size of only one breast, or if you have noticed a sudden shrinking of one breast, you should be careful.

Also, the appearance of your nipples plays a vital role. So, check if a nipple is slightly turned inward, or the skin on your nipple has turned red or scaly.

2. Change in the Feel of Your Breast

Breast Cancer Signs and Symptoms

Most breast lumps aren’t cancer, but you have to confirm this with your doctor.

If you feel that your nipples always tender? This is one among the early symptoms of breast cancer. But if you are nearing your periods, tender breasts are a normal thing!

The appearance of a lump on a breast or thickening of a breast near the underarm area are the signs you have to look for.

Also, check the pores on the skin of the breast are wider than usual, and does it have the texture of an orange peel? Then you have to check with your doctor.

3. Discharge From Your Nipple

Breast Cancer Signs and Symptoms

Have you noticed a mild pale to milky discharge from a nipple? This could be a one among the important signs of breast cancer. Even a bloody discharge from your nipple is considered a thing to worry. If you are not a breastfeeding mum, this should not happen.

Just consult with your doctor and get a mammogram, and put your doubts to rest.

4. Itchy and Redness of Breast

Breast Cancer Signs and Symptoms

Do you feel repeated itchiness on your breasts? Or your breasts have developed a redness without any reason?

Itchy and Redness of breast skin are regarded as one of the early and important signs and symptoms of breast cancer.

Due to tissue inflammation, your breast has turned red or a bruise-like mark on it.

This is a symptom of inflammatory breast cancer. This type of cancer occurs when the malignant cells clog your breasts lymph vessels. This type of cancer may not begin with a tumor or lump after all.

5. Severe Pain in Your Breast

Breast Cancer Signs and Symptoms

If your breast feels warm and uncomfortable all the time? If you feel pain on your breasts when you lie on your stomach? and experience severe pain every time you touch them? This could be an early sign of breast cancer.

First, change your bra and check you are free from severe pain. Else you have to check with your doctor. Inflammatory or very painful breasts for a longer period needs medical attention.