10 Sweet Foods that are Safe for Diabetics

Many people think that food for diabetics is not good, because of the low sugar content. Eitss are wrong, many delicious foods are safe for diabetics, provided you are good at processing them. What are they?

1. Red rice

For some people can not eat without rice. Keep in mind that white rice has high sugar levels. Instead, you can replace white rice with brown rice that is low in sugar. It feels just the same, even healthier.

2. Oatmeal

If you are not in the mood to eat rice, you can replace carbohydrate ingredients with oatmeal. But don’t add sugar. You can replace it with fruits from blueberries, bananas, and strawberries.

3. Spinach vegetables

According to research, spinach vegetables contain lutein nutrients which are good for diabetics, especially for the eyes. You can process it into vegetable spinach or just make vegetables.

4. Fresh popcorn

Watching a movie is incomplete without popcorn. However, popcorn in theaters usually has many flavors, ranging from salty, caramel, and others. Well, you who have diabetes talent can still eat popcorn as long as you don’t add any flavor. It’s still tasty and tasty, how come it tastes.

5. Lean meat

There is no problem eating meat for diabetics. What needs to be remembered is to remove the fat part and not fry it with oil. Will be healthier if boiled, baked, or burned.

6. Sea fish

Diabetics are also not prohibited from eating fish. Just like meat, the method of processing is by steaming, baking, or burning. Then, choose fish that contain omega 3, such as tuna, salmon and sardines. Avoid fish with high mercury levels, such as cob.

7. Broccoli

Besides spinach, other vegetables that are good for diabetics are broccoli. Broccoli contains sulforaphane compounds that can repair and protect blood vessel walls from cardiovascular damage due to diabetes.

8. Dark chocolate

Who says diabetics can’t eat chocolate? Still can, how come as long as it’s dark chocolate. According to research, dark chocolate has many benefits. These include speeding up the processing of blood glucose, reducing insulin resistance, and most importantly reducing excessive appetite.

9. Sweet Potatoes

If you want to get sweet carbohydrates without fear of rising blood sugar, you can eat sweet potatoes. According to the study, sweet potatoes can reduce HbA1c by 0.3 to 0.57 percent and speed up the process of blood glucose. Sweet potatoes also have a lower glucose index, making them safe for diabetics.

10. Tomatoes

Besides being refreshing and healthy, tomatoes also have many benefits. Among them contain lycopene and lutein which are useful to protect the kidneys and blood vessels due to diabetes. Eating a glass of tomato juice every day can also reduce the risk of blood clots due to diabetes.